I'm a technology enthusiast based in France, Rhone-Alpes.
My fields of interests ranges from internet governance to hardware hinkering.
I'm a long-time Free Software, Internet Privacy and Copyleft supporter and advocate.
I'm a registered member and donator of several hackerspaces and fablab.
This server runs under FreeBSD ;)

I like to work on both technical and ethical problems.
I also quite enjoy innovative or artsy ideas and projects.
Feel free to drop me a line about your ideas, projects or issues :)
I only work with Free Softwares, do not ask me anything which involves License Number, Activation Key or such things.
Except if you'd like to migrate from such a restrictive software to a Free Software ;)

I mostly work with the following softwares:
CMS : Wordpress, Drupal, Lodel
Web Analytics : Piwik, Awstats
Since my latest experience involve working at a library, I also work with more specialized softwares such as Koha, PlanningBiblio and Coral.
Over the years I've developped a good experience in setting up and managing several server daemons for various use.
The Liliputech.com domain is a demonstrator of my current skills.
This domain is managed thanks to NSD Daemon which is an Authoritative Only name server.
Emails uses Postfix with SASL-Auth enabled and Dovecot for remote viewing.
There is also a webmail which makes use of Rainloop (nice UI with threaded view, Drag and Drop, etc...)

Web services runs on the standard Apache, Mysql, PHP stack. No Linux, FreeBSD inside, just for fun.
If you want me to host or setup some services for you, feel free to ask for a quotation.
Depending on your project it could even be for free so do not hesitate to give more details :)
When my other activities leave me enough time I play with micro-processors, sensors and RGB-LEDs (they actually drive me mad...)
Here are all the different hardware platforms I've been using through the years:
- Atmel's ATMega328 (most people call that one Arduino)
- Espressif ESP8266 (a Wifi modem coupled to a tiny ARM core)
- Microchip 16F84 and 16F628 (an interesting processor since it uses Harvard instead of Von Neuman architecture)
- Xilinx Spartan3 (this one is a FPGA, something quite different from a micro processor)
Membership :
French Data Network : ethical Internet Service Provider.
CACert : Non-commercial, community driven Certificate Authority.
DN42 : Overlay Network on top of the internet with educative purposes.
Lyon Open Lab : Lyon Hackerspace!

Ethics :
Déontofi : la lettre de la déontologie financière.
La Quadrature du Net : Internet Privacy and Freedom advocates.

Partners and Businesses :
Open-Root : Customized Internet domains root, Paris
Bruno Hénon : Freelance Automation and Control Engineer, Paris
Jean-Noel Lefebvre : Hardware Prototyping, Lyon
Adrien Luxey : Web Integrator, Rennes
CreartCom : Digital Art agency, Lyon
LibrePC : Computer repair shop, Lyon